Acoustic pursuit


– About Us –


Formed in 2015, and based out of Bethlehem, PA, Acoustic Pursuit is an Alternative/Soul band featuring Christian Lopez, Brianna Storm and David Ingrassia. The three each come from very different musical backgrounds, but combine their individual experiences to achieve a sound that is all their own. They are constantly pushing to grow as artists, and, as people, and this is reflected in the evolution of their music. They are passionate about the songs they create, and strive to connect with others through meaningful and heartfelt songwriting. It has always been their dream to be able to share their music with audiences around the world.

The release of their first single, ‘Forever Young,’ was followed up by their completely self-produced debut EP, ‘Our Roots,’ available on all major streaming platforms. They will begin production on their first full-length album in the Summer of 2019.



by Acoustic Pursuit